• JL Audio VX1000/5i - 5 Ch. Class D System Amplifier with Integrated DSP

    JL Audio

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5-Channel Class D System Amplifier with Integrated DSP, 100 W x 4 @ 2 Ω + 600 W x 1 @ 2 Ω - 14.4V

Designed to simplify great audio, every VXi amplifier combines our advanced NexD2™ switching amplifier technology with an integrated, full-featured digital signal processor.

Employing our second generation NexD2™ amplifier technology, the VX1000/5i efficiently powers a complete audio system. It can drive four main speakers with 75 W x 4 @ 4 ohms while also powering a subwoofer with up to 600W @ 2 ohms. Bridging the main channels converts it into a very powerful, 3-channel system amplifier with up to 200W x 2 @ 4 ohms on the main channels and 600W @ 2 ohms on the subwoofer channel.

The NexD2™ full-range technology in the main channels of this amplifier is DSP-controlled and features a reduced loop area design utilizing DirectFET™ outputs for outstanding fidelity, very low noise and exceptional efficiency. The subwoofer channel features an optimized low-frequency variant of the NexD2™ technology. The amplifier chassis is ultra-compact, with all connections on one side, to greatly simplify installation into tight spaces.

Instead of traditional control knobs and switches, all amplifier adjustments and DSP functionality are configured via a compatible external device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone), with the appropriate JL Audio TüN™ Software application installed.

Amplifier includes: Power Connector (for 2 AWG wire), Analogue Input/Pre-Out Harness, Speaker Output Harness, Subwoofer Output Connector, 6 ft A/B USB Cable

Unprecedented, On-board DSP Tuning Power

  • Premium, triple-core AKM® DSP with an optimized configuration, developed in collaboration with AKM®
  • Hi-Res audio processing at 24 bit/96 kHz
  • High-performance AKM® A/D and D/A converters
  • 10 Bands of fully parametric EQ, per output channel, including pre-outs
  • Shelving EQ option for Band 1 and Band 10
  • High-Pass & Low-Pass Filters for each output channel, with selectable alignments and slopes: 
    Linkwitz-Riley: 12, 24, 48 dB/octave
    Butterworth: 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 dB/octave
  • Signal Delay in 0.01 millisecond steps (equivalent to 1/8-inch, 3 mm)
  • All-Pass Filter (Phase EQ), with variable "Q" and corner frequency
  • Polarity Reversal (0 or 180 deg.)
  • Output Level Trim in 0.1 dB steps

NexD2™ Switching Amplifier Technology

  • Our latest generation of high-speed switching technology delivers superb full-range power, fidelity and efficiency.
  • DSP acts as central clock for all channels to improve audio quality and reduce noise.

Ultra-Versatile Analogue and Digital Inputs

  • High-performance, differential-balanced analog inputs for outstanding noise rejection
  • Accepts speaker level signals from 200 mV, up to 16V RMS, including those from many factory systems
  • Optical Digital (Toslink) input permits direct connection of S/PDIF digital sources, bypassing A/D converter. Accepts up to 24 bit/192 kHz input.
  • Independently configurable RCA analogue and digital pre-outs (24 bit/96 kHz)
  • Automatic turn-on options via Signal-Sensing or DC-Offset sensing

Functional Compact Chassis Design

  • Solid cast alloy main unibody and bottom plate deliver superb EMI performance and shielding
  • All connections utilize compact mating connectors for maximum integrity and fitment into tight spaces.
  • Configurable LED logo ring displays status and can display audio preset color code or user-defined color
  • Logo badge can be oriented in 90 degree increments
  • Corner caps engineered to conceal mounting holes and hardware


Rated Continuous Power @14.4V

Main Channels @ 4 Ω    75 W RMS x 4

Main Channels @ 2 Ω    100 W RMS x 4

Main Channels Bridged @ 4Ω  200 W RMS x 2

Subwoofer Channel @ 4 Ω    400 W RMS x 1

Subwoofer Channel @ 3 Ω    500 W RMS x 1

Subwoofer Channel @ 2 Ω    600 W RMS x 1

Rated Continuous Power @12.5V

Main Channels @ 4 Ω    60 W RMS x 4

Main Channels @ 2 Ω    90 W RMS x 4

Main Channels - Bridged @ 4Ω  180 W RMS x 2

Subwoofer Channel @ 4 Ω     360 W RMS x 1

Subwoofer Channel @ 3 Ω     480 W RMS x 1

Subwoofer Channel @ 2 Ω     600 W RMS x 1

General Specifications

Frequency Response: 12 Hz - 24 kHz (+0, -1dB)

Damping Factor @ 4 Ω: >50 / 50 Hz

Damping Factor @ 2 Ω: >150 / 50 Hz

THD+N @ Rated Power: <1% @ 2 Ω per Ch.

THD+N @ Rated Power (Subwoofer Channels): <1% @ 2 Ω per Ch.

Input Voltage Range @ RCA Inputs: 200 mV - 16 V RMS

Min.Copper Power / Ground Wire Gauge: 2 AWG wire

Fuse Rating: 80 A (AFS, AGU or MaxiFuse™)

Height: 54 mm

Width: 287 mm

Depth: 168 mm

Net Weight: 2.93 kg