Thinkware's exciting range of HD and Full HD Dash Cams not only look the part, they also deliver superb video footage in any situation. The Thinkware X330 boasts a long feature list that rivals many high-end, higher priced units on the market including numerous autonomous recording modes, dual save technology to protect your footage, Wide Dynamic Range and much more!

Recording Modes

Automatically Switching Recording

Take the worry out of remembering to set the record mode on your X330.Get in and go. Thinkware Dash Cam's Automatic Switching mode sets the DVR automatically depending on the vehicle is doing allowing you to get on with your day without having to worry about if your Thinkware Dash Cam is recording.

Continuous Recording

Continuous Record mode is activated automatically when you start the car. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.

Manual Recording

Manual Recording mode can be activated with the press of a button and allows your X330 to capture events that occur in front of your vehicle whether or not it is in motion. The device will save 10-seconds prior to and 50-seconds after the button press saving a 1-minute video into the designated Manual Recording folder on the memory card.

Event Recording

Event Recording is activated by the X330's built-in 3-axis G-Sensor,  automatically storing video data 10-seconds prior to and after a collision registered as well as saving a 20-second video into the designated Event Detection folder on the memory card. No searching through hours of footage to find the right video - too easy!

Parking Surveillance*

Parking Surveillance mode is activated once the vehicle is turned off. The X330 Dash Cam will then combine the impact detection with motion detection or time lapse functions (if supported)

*Parking Surveillance Mode requires the use the Hard Wiring Cable (HWC) sold seperately.

Large 2.7" LCD Clear Display

The large 2.7-inch clear display is designed with optimal specifications for displaying clear and sharp images and allows you to perform most tasks in your car without having to connect to a computer. Whether you're viewing real-time video or reviewing recorded videos, changing settings or formatting the memory card.

Sophisticated Impact Detection

The X, Y, Z axes of the G sensor found in Thinkware dash cams measures fluctuations in gravity, speed and rotation. This allows users to review axial movement and impact that took place during an accident at a glance.

Comprehensive Driving Information With GPS*

With the addition of a GPS Antenna (available separately) you can record the vehicle's driving speed and provide its precise location and routes identification on the map. This feature also helps you to accurately assess the details of the surrounding area in the event of an event, providing you with the vehicle speed, time of collision and the severity of the impact. The video recording feature can also be used to track your holiday travel routes.

*GPS requires the use the optional GPS Antenna (GPSANT) sold seperately.

Safety Camera Alerts*

Thinkware Dash Cams are more than just a video recorder, they also assist drivers in learning safer driving habits. With the addition of a GPS Antenna (available separately), the X330 the Safety Camera Alert function can be activated, alerting the driver of red light cameras and traffic enforcement cameras including fixed cameras, average speed cameras and known mobile speed camera zones.

*Safety Camera Alerts require GPS via the optional GPS Antenna (GPSANT) sold seperately.

Perfect Picture Every Time

Thanks to high-end video enhancement technology including Wide Dynamic Range, Night Time Picture Quality Correction and Intelligent Automatic Exposure, you can rest assured your Thinkware Dash Cams deliver some of the best dash cam video quality on the market, no matter the circumstance.

PC Viewer For Precise Video Review

Thinkware Dash Cam PC Viewer is extremely user intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing for convenient access to recorded videos with G-sensor and GPS data such as speed and location. The program is compatible with both PC and Mac. it is also possible to change the dash cam settings, format the memory card, or install updates with just a few clicks on the PC Viewer.

LED Security Light

Designed as a visual deterrent to help prevent vandals from damaging your vehicle even while parked, the X330 Dash Cam lets people know they are being recorded with an LED security light found on the front of the unit.  This feature can be enabled/disabled in the camera's system settings if required.

Dual Save Feature

Designed to save recorded footage in both the microSD memory card and the built-in internal memory in incident recording mode, Thinkware's Dual Save technology functions as a safeguard against the possible loss of data in the aftermath of a severe collision*. Dual Save Technology guarantees a backup copy of the video in the internal memory of the X330 in the event that the memory card gets damaged.

*Dual Save Technology is activated when a specific level of impact is detected. Sensitivity is fully adjustable via the Dash Cam's settings.

Super Capacitor

Thinkware Dash Cams feature a fail-safe during recording, utilising a Super Capacitor for backup power to ensure safe storage of any recording in progress in the event that the power gets disconnected – so you can be assured your valuable data will be securely stored under any circumstance.

Thermal Protection

Positioning of dash cams can see them have to endure extreme heat for long periods of time and this is what sets the good from the not so good... All Thinkware dash cams feature a high level of thermal protection and are specially designed for efficient heat dissipation. However, in the instance that the extreme Aussie heat gets too much for the unit, the built-in thermal sensor will protect the device and its data by automatically turning it off to prevent overheating.

Format Free Technology

Utilising TAT (Time Allocation Table) save system instead of the FAT (File Allocation Table) system, the Format Free Technology found in the X330 eliminates the need for periodical manual formatting of recorded video files on the microSD memory card, whilst also helping extend the life of your memory card.


Storage Capacity Support: Up to 64GB (8GB Micro SD Included)
Camera Resolution: 1080P
Camera Sensor: 2.19 Megapixel - 1 / 2.9” CMOS
Frame Rate: 30FPS
Video Format: H.264 MP4
Lens Viewing Angle: 140 deg
Screen Size: 2.7"
Audio Recording: YES (Selectable)
G-Sensor: YES
G-Sensor Adjustable: Yes (5 point)
Rear Camera Input: NO
WiFi: NO
Input Voltage: 12/24V DC
Auxiliary Power: Super Capacitor
Security LED: YES
Status LED: YES
Internal Speaker: YES
Safety Camera Alerts: YES (requires GPS)
Dimensions mm (LxWxH): 97 x 51.8 x 26.5