• German Maestro/Helix System Package - 6.5" Component and Coaxial Speakers, 10" Subwoofer, Monoblock and 4 Channel

    German Maestro

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This is the perfect package for the audiophile who wants a system that packs a punch, but still provides the sound quality expected from a German made product. 

 The Helix M-Four has many benefits including:

  • Handmade German quality for reliability
  • Very small sizing to make it easy to install in tight fit areas
  • A Powerful 100WRMS per channel to power any speaker you choose efficiently


The German Maestro Epics provide a clean, crisp sound with a very smooth deliverance from both the woofer and their ever so famous titanium tweeter. 


Paired with these are the German Maestro Concepts coaxial speakers. The German Maestro range uses the titanium tweeter design in the best way possible.

Have you ever had a subwoofer that you just can't seem to get what you want out of it? Well think again with the Helix Q10. With your choice of a custom box sealed or ported, your options are never-ending in places that it can be installed. (Custom box is not included)


Last but not least we have the infamous Helix M-ONE mono-block to run the paired subwoofer. With so many advantages including:

  • Small size to fit in a location best suited for your vehicle
  • Very powerful which allows you to run a large variety of subwoofers
  • A bass knob is included with this package for full control over your sub volume.
  • Stop/Start vehicle compatibility and remote signal sensing through high level to make your install that much easier. 

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This Package is exclusive to Profound Sound.


The package consists of: