• Parkmate MCPK-962DVR - Rear View Mirror Monitor with Built in Dash Cam & Reverse Camera


  • $349.00

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9.66" Clip Over Mirror WITH Full High Definition Front & Rear Cameras

Drive with Added Peace of Mind

Introducing the Parkmate MCPK-962DVR Full High Definition Dual Channel Dash Camera Mirror with Reversing
Monitor. Featuring Full HD 1080p recording from both the front and rear of your vehicle, plus when in reversing
mode the rear camera switches to a reverse monitor, giving you a reverse view providing added safety when
reversing and parking your vehicle.
The 24 Hour Parkmode feature, watches over your vehicle while you are away from your vehicle, the built-in
G-Sensors will detect impact to your vehicle and will record instances for a period of 24 hours, even if your car
battery goes flat.

Let your voice be in Command

Enjoy handsfree operation and use your voice
to control your Mirror DVR, Just speak towards
the mirror with one of the 9 pre-programmed
commands and the mirror will respond as

Voice Commands Include:

“Lock the Video”
Save and Protect from
deletion the current video
recording from both Front
and Rear Cameras.
“Turn Off Audio”
Turns off Mircophone
“Turn On Audio”
Turns on Mircophone
“Take Picture”
Take an instant still image
snapshot from the front
“Show Front Camera”
Show Front Camera feed on
Mirror Display.
“Show Rear Camera”
Show Rear Camera feed on
Mirror Display.
“Show All Cameras”
Show both Front and Rear
Camera feed as split screen
on Mirror Display.
“Turn On Display”
Turn on the Mirror display.
“Turn Off Display”
Turn off the Mirror display.


Built-in DVR

The in-built FHD 1080P DVR has automatic
start up and shut down capability that
continuously records your journey. No more
“your word vs theirs” in the case of incidents
or accidents. Park mode watches over your
vehicle while you are parked and G-Sensor
automatically protects footage upon impact

Dual Channel

Dual Channel Recording - inibuilt FHD
1080P DVR and Rear FHD 1080P camera
record simultaniously and can be viewed on
mirror monitor using split screen view. Rear
Channel changes to reverse parking mode
with gridlines for safe and effortless parking
when reverse gear is engaged.


Reverse Camera will turn instantly from
recording mode to parking mode as soon
as car is put on reverse mode giving you
full screen display of rear with gridlines and
distance marked to help you park safely and effortlessly.


• Gridline reverse parking mode with distance marking
• Dual Channel recording (front & rear simultaniously)
• IP67 waterproof grade
• Mounting compatible with most viehicles
• Up to 128GB Micro SD compatible
• Time, date and registration stamped loop recorded video files
• G-Sensor automatically protects footage upon impact
• Universal Clip-on Style
• Mirror Monitor with 9.6” full touch screen LCD panel
• Dual FHD Channel Recording with 1080P @ 30 fps
• 3Dimensional impact detection with 3D G Sensor.
• Auto switching to display reverse camera image when reverse gear is
• 3 Viewing modes: Front View, Rear View & Split Screen Front/Rear View
• 150° wide view angle DVR & 140° wide angle rear camera