• PhoenixGold MX 10″ Dual Subwoofer Amplifier Pack

    Phoenix Gold

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MX Dual Subwoofer / Amp Pack


Small Foot Print Is Only The Beginning

Built on the heritage of Phoenix Gold Legacy, the MX Series 800 watt monoblock amplifier is built to last.

Designed with a Class-D Topology, the MX800.1 features high current MOSFETs and a unregulated power supply offering superior output performance for your subwoofer configuration.

To make sure it keeps its cool, each MX Amplifier features ‘Balanced Flow Dissipation’ BFD technology to increase the amplifiers cooling abilities in hot temperatures.

 Check out more on the MX800.1 Amplifier HERE


Get the Boom

The Phoenix Gold MX Series 10” dual voice coil 4-Ohm slimline subwoofer packs a punch with its conservative 300 watts of RMS / 600 Peak power handling, delivering tight, clean, articulate, goose bump inducing bass; jam packed with every musical detail.

You don’t get just one, you get TWO in this kit.

Check out the MX Series 10″ Subwoofer information here


What Do You Get?

The MX-SB004 Package includes

  • 1x Phoenix Gold MX Series 800w Monoblock (MX800.1)
  • 2x Phoenix Gold MX Series 10″ Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofers (MX10D4)
  • 1x Phoenix Gold MX Series Remote Bass Knob