• Audiocontrol Line-Output converter - LC7 Processor - Aux-In


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Six Channel Line Output Converter With Auxiliary Input   

Open the door to better sound from your factory car stereo with the LC7 Line Output Converter.

Adding high performance amplifiers, processors, speakers, and auxiliary sources make your factory stereo sound better.  However, the integration process can be easier said than done.  The LC7 Line Output Converter makes it possible.

The LC7 Line Output Converter has 6 speaker-level inputs to accept signals from any factory stereo. Six high-quality pre-amp outputs are the result of a loss-less conversion technology far superior to passive Line Output Converters.
A stereo auxiliary input on the LC7 Line Output Converter makes adding an iPod or Satellite Radio simple. The included LC7 Line Output Converter remote knob switches between the factory stereo and auxiliary source, while also providing sub level control.
Internal signal summing, AudioControl’s GTO TM signal-sense turn-on, and high current 12-volt remote out provide the foundation to make your factory stereo sound better.