• Audison bitOne - Premium Sound Processor


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Bit One is a multi-function digital processor capable of interfacing with any analogue and/or digital source, turning any ordinary system into one with very high-level performance.

Despite its compact size, the bit One is equipped with a powerful, latest generation 266 MHz / 32 bit floating point DSP microprocessor, working in real time on all the functions of the most complete systems.
Managed and configured by a simple and intuitive computer software, it is possible to make adjustments to improve the signal through each phase of its path; from input to output.

At Profound Sound we use the exclusive Audison BitTune system to tune the processors to get pitch perfect sound, time alignment and acoustic phase.



DRC - Digital Remote Control

The DRC is the digital interface between the bit one processor and the user. The DRC mounted in the vehicle dashboard, provides access to control of the inputs and volume adjustments, balance, fader and subwoofer volume. Providing source selection between main, aux and optical inputs, it also provides four of the configurations created and saved by the bit one right at hand. The DRC also controls the functions of the Audison Thesis amplifiers when these are installed in the same system.