• DNA Pro-Series 4 Channel - 4 Gauge Power Kit - AK44


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AK44 Power Kit, everything you need to get a 4 Channel Amplifier up and running - add another RCA for a subwoofer for + $9

6mtr 4 gauge frosted blue TCCA power cable fitted with Ni plated midi (AFC) fuse holder and 80 amp midi (AFC) fuse with 4 gauge fork and ring terminals
1mtr 4 gauge frosted clear/silver TCCA power cable fitted with 4 gauge fork and ring terminals
2 x 5mtr Translucent tri-colour dual twisted-pair RCA cable with blue highlights. 2 x 3mm outer diameter cable fitted with precision moulded micro bullet DNA RCA connectors with split tip ends and colour coded channel identifiers.
6mtr 20 gauge blue trigger cable
1.5mtr 11mm diameter split loom tube
10 x 150mm long cable ties
Supplied with allen key
Packaging: Heat sealed blister 0.6mm thick and card with hang hole