• Fullriver HC50 Deep Cycle AGM Battery


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Fullriver HC50 - Maintenance Free Dual Purpose AGM Battery

Fullriver Batteries HC series of Batteries are true dual purpose AGM batteries offering high cranking up to 2250CCA for a 5 second burst as well as enough cycling power to run all of today's modern appliances.

Fullriver Batteries feature AGM technology and lower resistance means they charge faster and allow access to more of the power stored inside the battery. Fullriver also have less than 4% self discharge per month when in storage. They are capable of deep discharge recovery and are extremely resistant to vibration.

Fullriver Batteries feature maintenance free construction making them perfect for use in a wide variety of applications from 4x4 and Caravans to commercial use as well as marine applications

Description: HC50
Voltage: 12V
Brand: FullRiver

L: 9.49"
W: 6.89"
H: 7.48"

Weight: 19.1kg
CCA: 620