• Helix DIRECTOR - Remote Control with Touchscreen


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Everything under control!

With the new remote control DIRECTOR, you lead from the front!
The 2.8” / 7 cm full colour touchscreen display and the intuitive menu navigation allow easy handling of many features – for example:

  • Source selection
  • Volume control of all sources
  • Volume control of the subwoofer
  • Control and configuration of the HEC BT module
  • Switching between sound setups. 

Furthermore it provides sufficient memory for 20 additional sound setups and comes with a USB connector allowing straight access to your DSP device via the DIRECTOR - a big relief if you want to tweak your configuration while your processor/amplifier is hidden somewhere in the trunk.
The high-resolution, full colour touchscreen display is housed in what was solid block of aluminum.

The DIRECTOR is compatible with all DSP products which are supported by DSP PC-Tool Version 3 and higher.



    • 2.8“ / 7 cm touchscreen display and powerful ARM processor

    • Memory locations for 20 additional sound setups

    • Automatic dimming function of the display

    • Display rotation adjustable to 180°

    • USB Paththrough - to connect your computer to the DSP

    • Compatible with all DSP products which are supported by DSP PC-Tool Version 3 and higher

    • Exclusive solid aluminum housing

    • 17’ / 5.2 m connection cable included

    • 53.50 x 135 x 18 mm