• Helix G-Four - 4 Channel Amplifier with Integrated Crossover


  • $599.00 $649.00

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The new G amplifiers are more than just impressive power packs. They unite innovative technology, extensive functionality and best sound with a very attractive price to performance ratio.


If we do not talk about their more obvious features, such as fully active crossovers with highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bass boost and input mode switch for flexible input signal routing and smart high level input with ADEP circuits, we can still talk about how the G series also provides Start-Stop capability which is an exceptional feature in this price range. 


With such an extensive list of features in this piece of equipment, it is really not hard to realise a sound system in your car that has a great sound and lots of power for when you need it most.


Furthermore, the G amplifiers have the compact and straight HELIX design that has become synonymous with HELIX. In addition, for those who love a good light show, the logo has been illuminated for your viewing pleasure.


    • Smart highlevel input with ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection) 
    • Cable remote control for volume adjustment of the channels C and D
    • Automatic signal sensing
    • 2 channel pre-out for additional Amplifiers
    • Fully active crossover with highpass, lowpass and bandpass
    • “Input mode” switch for flexible input signal routing
    • Highlevel input sensitivity up to 14 Volts max.
    • Exclusive compact clean design with illuminated HELIX logo
    • Amplifier technology: Class A/B 
    • 4 x 80/120rms @ 4/2 ohms 
    • 57 x 334 x 241 mm