• Hertz MLK3PA.3 - Mille Legend 3-Way Component System


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During these past few years the Mille line car audio woofers have been the choice of many enthusiasts looking for extreme performance; with ML 1650.3 Legend the Hertz designers increased again the limits of achievable performance for components designed for door installation. To get to these results, the R&D staff performed extensive in-car voicing sessions, after building several prototypes with the FEA simulation method and testing them with a wide array of measurements carried out with the Klippel® suite. 


Size mm: 165
Power Handling - Peak W: 250
Power Handling - Continuous W: 125
Impedance Ω: 4
Frequency response: Hz 40 - 6.5k
Sensitivity dB SPL: 93
Voice coil Ø mm: 36
Magnet: Neodymium
Cone/Dome: Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibres


1. Neodymium magnet optimized with FEA simulations for real dynamics and utmost control.

2. Very low carbon content CNC machined plates, for maximum magnetic permeability and low distortion at high power levels.

3. Aluminium covered pole for a linear impedance modulation and low distortion.

4. 36 mm CCAW double layer voice coil wound on a Polyamide former for exceptional power handling and compression-free re production even in the most demanding musical passages.

5. Exponential V-cone® with optimized geometry for utmost linearity and dispersion at mid frequency range.

6. “Boundary Free” IIR rubber surround, for better efficiency and wider mid-bass frequency.

7. Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibres, combining stiffness and lightweight, to achieve wide frequency response and limited break-ups at high frequency.

8. Three-spoke, very acoustically transparent anti-resonant aluminium alloy basket featuring built-in venting holes.

9. CNC machined elegant diamond-cut basket edge featuring the Hertz logo.

10. Die-cast aluminium factory provided grille featuring diamond-cut aluminium Hertz logo.

MLK700.3 - Midrange, Tweeter and Crossover

The MLK 700.3 Legend car audio speakers system aims at offering a mid-high frequency range of excellence, to combine with a Legend woofer with a choice between ML 1650.3 and ML 1800.3 actively filtered in a multi-amplified configuration. MLK 700.3 Legend is composed of the ML 700.3 Legend Extended Midrange, the ML 280.3 Legend tweeter and the MLCX 2 TM.3 dedicated crossover that features the unique Mid-Countour control with its three-position selector, acting on the mid frequencies of the ML 700.3 Legend midrange by varying the cross-point with the tweeter to obtain the desired sound.  The V-cone® exponential profile without the traditional dustcap gets close to the perfect one, generating exceptional dispersion: thanks to the synergistic action of these technological elements, ML700.3 Legend boasts outstanding high frequency extension making it possible to build purist two-way systems in combination with ML 1650.3 Legend or ML 1800.3 Legend.  Thanks to this configuration, where there is only one cross-point, phase rotations are limited to the minimum, ensuring excellent soundstage and disarming timbre consistency. With the mid-high frequencies being handled by the ML700.3 Legend and the low ones by the ML1800.3 Legend, the whole audio range is reproduced with transducers built with the same materials and based on the same electro-acoustic structure; that doesn’t happen with woofer and tweeter, since due to its own nature the tweeter is different in materials and structure. The uniformity in materials and structures creates very high timbre consistency, so the speakers can “disappear” and leave room to emotions.


Power Handling - Peak W: 200
Power Handling - Continuous W: 100
Impedance Ω: 4
Frequency response Hz: 200 ÷ 28k
Sensitivity dB SPL
   Midrange: 90
   Tweeter: 92
Voice coil Ø mm
   Midrange: 20
   Tweeter: 28
Woofer size mm: 70
Tweeter size mm: 35
Woofer magnet: Neodymium
Tweeter magnet: Neodymium
Woofer cone: Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibres
Tweeter dome: Tetolon
Crossover type: 2 Way Passive Crossover
Crossover cut off: 4.5 kHz - 6/12 dB Oct.