• Hertz SX250D.1 - SPL Show 10" Subwoofer


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The Hertz SPL Show car audio subwoofers are the ideal solution for building mobile audio systems with emphasis placed on low frequency power and impact. Featuring a stacked double magnet motor assembly and 2 + 2 Ohm dual voice coil, the three models, SX 250D, SX 300D, SX 380D differ only in their cone diameter: 250 mm, 300 mm, 380 mm respectively. The SPL Show moving assembly is designed to ensure long and linear excursion. They feature a dual spider design and an aluminium voice coil wound on a four-layer former. The back vented spider support decreases the voice coil operating temperature, even during enhanced SPL usage.


1. High magnetic permeability plates provide constant, even flux.
2. Large double magnet, for perfect control under high power, very high
excursion conditions for high SPL performance.
3. Four-layer aluminium voice coil; for unheard-of thermal capability.
4. Back plate venting holes, for optimal thermal dissipation.
5. Back vented spider support; for perfect symmetry under high excursion
while providing increased thermal dissipation.
6. High-current, screw terminals, for large gauge wires.
7. Tinsel lead wires are integrated in the spider; for maximum reliability and
8. Double wide-wave, resin-bonded fibre spider; for consistent parameters and
9. High density foam surround; for linear movement, even under extreme
10. Water-repellent, pressed paper cone.
11. Aluminium ring within the pole piece reduces impedance modulation
at high excursion.


Size mm (in.): 250 (10)
Power Handling - Peak W: 2400
Power Handling - Continuous W: 600
Impedance Ω: 2 + 2
Frequency response Hz: 34 ÷ 800
Sensitivity dB SPL: 90.5
Voice coil Ø mm (in.): 65 (2.6)
Magnet: Double magnet, High density flux ferrite
Cone/Dome: Pressed paper