• MTX RTP12 - 12' Active Subwoofer/Amplifier Package

    MTX Audio Australia

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MTX Audio has been the market leader in Subwoofer technology since 1979 and proudly invented the first ever mobile audio enclosure in 1984! This Bass solution will impress even the most avid audiophile. Designed to enhance the bass response in any sound system with powerful MTX quality bass. Small footprint, big sound and very easy to install with the amplifiers innovative flush positioning and all connections close to the floor.

Features :

  • High output vented MTX enclosure
  • Noiseless rubberised and custom tuned aeroport design
  • Designed to deliver loud and accurate bass
  • Compact footprint with a highly aesthetic design
  • Powerful 220W RMS CEA Class-D amplifier
  • RCA and High level inputs
  • One piece brushed electroplated printed cone with butyl rubber surround
  • EBC (Remote control) included

Specifications :

  • Amplifier & Subwoofer RMS Power: 220W
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 80Hz 
  • Amplifier Peak Power: 660W
  • Low pass x-over : 18dB/Oct @ 80Hz
  • Input Sensitivity : 6V - 100mV
  • Subwoofer : 30cm (12")
  • Dimensions : D43 x W46 x H43 CM