• Optima Yellow Top AGM Car Battery D34


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Optima Premium Deep Cycle Battery

D75/25 YELLOW TOP DUAL PURPOSE - NS50 SIZE SAE & GM TERM 12V 620CCA 48A/Hr 98R +   SAE & GM - 236 H 173 W 194 D


Optima Yellow Top AGM batteries are ideal for all cycling applications.

Optima Yellow Top AGM deep cycle batteries have spiral cells wound up and press into tubes. this allows the use of lead in its purest form. There are no additives giving Optima Deep cycle batteries a longer shelf life, from 12 – 18 months.

Optima Yellow Top AGM deep cycle batteries are ideal for auxiliary batteries in Four wheel drives and Caravans, because of their rapid recharge rate. A D27F yellow top Deep cycle battery will charge in 35 minutes from 100% flat (10.5 volts) using a 100 amp alternator. this is up to six times faster than most deep cycle batteries.

An Optima Yellow Top AGM battery is 15 times more resilient to vibration than conventional batteries. This is ideal for those corrugated roads that four wheel drives often face.

Many Emergency vehicles use the Optima Yellow top AGM batteries as they have high start power as well as being deep cycle batteries to run their high drawing accessories.

The Optima yellow AGM batteries are spill proof, Corrosion resistant, no gassing under normal charging conditions & completely maintenance free. An Optima AGM battery is non hazardous and can be shipped by air.


Optima deep cycle batteries carry a 3 year full warranty for all models for private use, 2 year commercial use for the D31 range and 1 year commercial use for smaller yellow tops.

The Optima AGM batteries has the ability to hold a higher voltage during the discharge cycle making it possible to use 100% of the stored power in the Optima compared to ordinary batteries.

Due to Optima deep cycle batteries slow discharge rate, they are ideal for seasonal use.