• Stinger SoundSkin Rings

    Profound Sound Ltd - Melbourne Car Audio

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The SoundSkins Rings Kit includes 1x pair of speaker rings & 1x pair adapter rings to suit 6.5″ speakers.



The primary purpose is to improve the  flow of sound waves, whilst improving the directional focus of sound waves into the cabin of the vehicle in a manner that does not detract from the original design of the speaker. Preventing loss of the sound waves into the door cavity.


The rings also allow for the replication of similar OEM manufacturer speaker design so as to allow the speaker to perform to the best of its ability and allow for an air-tight seal against the door panels perfectly. The responsive foam allows for perfect fitment of interior panels over the rings without interfering with the seating of the door trims.


Included are two adapter rings that make the design versatile so that no cutting is necessary, with the ability to change the size & thickness of the rings by stacking.


SoundSkins Rings Kit are a premium acoustic ring made out of waterproof closed cell foam. The rings are pre-cut in design to suit 6.5″ speakers and cover one pair of speakers per kit.


The specially designed responsive foam is the same material found on the SoundSkins Pro sound deadening kits.