• Brax Matrix ML10 - 10" 600WRMS High End Subwoofer


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For years BRAX subwoofer’s have set the benchmark for precise and controlled bass response.

When you have already built the perfect speaker, building the next perfect speaker is an ambitious project, but not for BRAX. BRAX would not be BRAX if we were not able to identify every single detail that improves the sound quality through the use of ever advancing technologies. Perfection is subject to refinement and the human ability to learn.

In the case of the ML10, the secret lies in the unique cone or – to be more precise – in its entirely new “MicroSphere” coating. This patented technology embeds ceramic hollow spheres with a diameter of solely 75 µm in a polyamide layer that is applied to the cone. That special coating not only improves the stiffness of the hand-scooped cone, but its inner damping as well. These stabilizing measures do not necessarily have to result in an increased moving mass. In actuality, we have achieved the contrary to this – in comparison with its predecessor the cone mass has been reduced, which results in a lower total Q factor and therefore, even better impulse response.

The pure design and numerous technical features of this exceptional subwoofer are the things that make a legend. The perfectly linear magnet structure for lowest possible distortion, large and multiple ventilated voice-coil for outstanding electrical power handling as well as the rigid and aerodynamically efficient diecast basket add up to an unprecedented overall concept for the most accurate and uncompromising bass response.
Therefore, the new BRAX MATRIX ML10 is now more than ever, a must-have for every sound enthusiast who only settles for the best.

Additional Information:

  • Remarkable stiff hand-scooped paper cone with unique “MicroSphere” coating consisting of micro ceramic hollow spheres embedded in a polymer layer
  • Special shaped rubber surround for long linear cone excursion
  • Optimized voice coil ventilation through large, mesh-protected holes in T-yoke and basket for almost zero compression effects and maximum heat dissipation
  • Driver parameters optimized for perfect impulse response in compact, sealed enclosures
  • 65 mm voice coil with exceptional winding height for high linear excursion and lowest possible distortion
  • Solid, unique diecast basket
  • Massive push-terminals for large wire gauge
  • Ultra-precise machined magnet system for highest magnetic flux linearity
  • 600rms
  • Recommended sealed enclosure size of 28L