• Car Builders Water Proof Carpet Underlay - 20 SQ/FT (1.8 SQ/M)

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Car Builders Water Proof Carpet Underlay is a single layer closed cell foam, meaning is does not hold water. It also works great as a thermal and acoustic insulation barrier.

It is suitable for 4x4's, convertibles and industrial vehicles which get constant exposure to wet environments.

Our Water Proof Carpet Underlay will not stay damp, smell, rot or attract mold like pre-dated cotton mill scrap, traditionally used under carpets.

It comes with a peel and stick backing and is easy to cut and install



Resistance Temperature Range:
-40°C to +120°C (long term) +150°C (short term)

Glue Temperature Resistance:
-40°C to +135°C

Flame retardant:
Yes B2