• Clarion SH1634R - 6" 370W 3-WAY MULTIAXIAL SPEAKER


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Upgrade Your System’s Value with Speakers

SH Series

It’s easy to get more acoustic performance from your audio system. Just upgrade the factory installed units to Clarion’s SH series, and enjoy more dynamic performance over a broader frequency range, from thundering lows to sizzling highs, with only a reasonable investment.

SH Series Design Get Sound Performance in Shape

To provide maximum permeation of sound, the speaker grilles of the SH series are intentionally devoid of relief patterns, contributing to wide frequency sound reproduction with minimal distortion. The black colour affords a bold yet minimalist, performance-oriented look.

MIPP Cone Woofer for Low Distortion and High-Speed Response

Polypropylene with mica particles blended in is used in this injection-moulded cone to attain superior response, making it ideal for digital sources.

Powerful Strontium Magnet for Dynamic Bass Response

Strontium magnets have a magnetic flux density that is far higher than conventional ferrite magnets, enabling reproduction of dynamic bass sounds from a relatively small voice coil.

Pure Soft Dome Mid-Range and Tweeter

Equipped exclusively on the mid-range and tweeter of SH series speakers, this new material balances suppleness and firmness for highly responsive reproduction of high frequencies. Its translucent black design gives it a unique look and presence that is in-step with the precision acoustic performance it is capable of offering.


• 370 Watts Maximum Power Handling
• 160mm MIPP Cone Woofer
• 20mm Soft Dome Mid-Range with Neodymium Magnet
• 8mm Pure Soft Dome Tweeter
• Powerful Strontium Magnet for Dynamic Bass Response
• GM Fit Basket Design
• Grille & Mesh Included