• Morel ULTIMO Ti SC124 - 12" 600 RMS 4 Ohm High-End Subwoofer


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While most subwoofers are little more than high-output bass makers, the Ultimo series was engineered with a synergy of tight, controlled musicality and life-like deep bass reproduction with no equal for delivering the ultimate bass experience.

Ultimo Titanium subwoofers are engineered to set a new standard in subwoofer technology and bass performance, equipped with Morel’s most advanced, cutting–edge technology derived from the company’s HiFi bass drivers. At the heart of the new subwoofers is Morel’s titanium voice coil former. Exceptionally stiff and lightweight, the titanium improves the dynamics of the driver for even quicker transient response, with lower distortion and increased power handling.

The new Ultimo Titanium subwoofers employ a new copper shorting ring to enable a more linear response by reducing distortion, resulting in a flat impedance response. This serves as a very critical component especially in subwoofers where distortion levels are relatively very high.

Other features are similar to its renowned sibling the Ultimo; A gigantic 5.1” Hexatech™ External Voice Coil (EVC™), the DMM™ (Dual Magnet Motor) motor design that achieves over 90% efficiency and the PFS™ (Progression Field Symmetry) spider/surround technology stiffens the spider as excursion levels increase, ensuring maximum linearity, minimum distortion, and truly flat response.

The culmination of these new advancements result in the Ultimo Titanium being the most dynamic car audio subwoofer series Morel has engineered, promising the highest resolution for ultimate in bass reproduction.

Technology Bar:

  • One piece carbon Hybrid Cone
  • Hexatech™ Aluminum Voice Coil
  • EVC™ structure
  • Double Ferrite Magnet Motor
  • Titainum bobbin
  • Uniflow™ Chassis
  • Extra large 5.1" voice coil
  • PFS architecture
  • Large X-MAX


  • 4 OHM
  • 1000 Watt RMS
  • 3000 RMS 10 M/S
  • 86.3 dB @ 1W
  • 10-900 Frequency Response