• Stinger Power Sports Marine 8GA Amplifier Kit (7m)


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Stinger 8GA Fully Marine Compliant Wiring Kit

You buy marine screws, marine boat accessories, but normal power cable for your marine audio?
Go with the right choice with the Stinger SEA range of amplifier wiring kits.

What makes the SEA range of amplifier wiring kits different?

  • Power cable utilising a marine grade jacket coated over True Copper for current transfer and tinned conductors for reliability in harsh marine environments.
  • Industry first Siamese pair dual power and ground wire
  • High strand count OFC hyper-twist tinned conductors
  • Highest marine-grade – Type III BC5W2 compliant marine PVC jacket.
  • 105C Dry, 75C Wet, Salt, Fog, Oil & Water resistant.
  • Exceeds UL1426 marine standards
  • Element resistant MIDI fuse holder
  • Includes wire ferrules and installation hardware
  • Red Power / Yellow Ground marine standard colour coding.


* 7 Meters of 8 Gauge marine grade power / earth wire
* 40 Amp MIDI Fuse
* MIDI Fuse Holder (Mini ANL)
* 7 Meter Trigger wire
* Installation Accessories Included