• Stinger PowerSports Marine 6m RCA Lead


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Stinger 6 Meter Marine / PowerSports RCA Lead

You buy marine screws, marine boat accessories, but normal power cable for your marine audio?
Go with the right choice with the Stinger SEA range of amplifier wiring kits.

What makes the Marine / PowerSports RCA Leads different?

  • Comprised of tinned OFC copper conductors with polyethylene dielectrics (This means corrosion is a thing of the past!)
  • Assembled in a high rate twisted-pair configuration for ultimate noise rejection
  • Outer PVC jacket is flexible for easy routing through tight spaces
  • Moulded connectors with machined, nickel-plated, brass contacts offer superior connection integrity
  • Signal transfer and maximum corrosion resistance
  • Not only are the perfect for a marine application but for any vehicle application requiring RCAs