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  • Holden Viva SPL System

    Here is a build we won't forget!

    We did an complete overhaul on the system in this Holden Viva.

    This included a GMD9604 Amplifier running Alpine Type R Component's and Type R Coaxial Speakers.
    A Pioneer AVH-Z2050BT for use with Apple CarPlay and 4V Preouts.
    We then built a custom box to suit two Shok Titan's powered by a Sound Magus 3500rms monoblock. Which had a dedicated power bank consisting of 3 x HC50 Fullriver Batteries mounted using existing mounting locations for the spare wheel.

    The vehicle was also fitted with under body LED's in waterproof extrusion and waterproof LED's, allowing faultless use and an extremely bright light all the way around the car all controlled by a Radio Frequency Controller.

    The vehicle received the full deadening experience including, doors, roof, rear quarters + more!

    We also fitted a permanently mounted battery charger for the battery bank so that it could be charged whenever the customer has access to a power point. All Stinger OFC Cabling was used throughout.

    Overall this Holden Viva packed a serious Punch when it left and Hayley was very happy with her end result. It's safe to say this was a huge improvement on her factory speakers and Cadence Subwoofer and Amplifier that was installed previously


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