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  • Slimline Box Fabricated in House to suit Ford Ranger

    Here is some pictures of our signature slimline subwoofer box designed and built in-house for the Ford Ranger (Suitable for all dual cab models)

    Pictured is a 12" MTX AUDIO FPR Slimline Subwoofer. 
    Every customer that leaves with this package has a huge smile on their face.

    Come see us today about a custom sub box for your vehicle!

    Multiple Packages available for the ford ranger including full systems as well.

    Box without Subwoofer $499

    Box with 12" MTX Subwoofer FPR 12' $779

    Box with 10" MTX Subwoofer 3510-04s $699

    Give us a call on 9088 1234 or message us via Facebook/Instagram


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